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Software & Manuals

VCC-006-K1 [Manual (PDF)]
VCC-006-K2 [Manual (PDF)]
VCC-006-K2NPNG [Manual (PDF)]
VCC-A033-LCD [Manual (PDF)]
VCC-A036-WR [Manual (PDF)]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If the battery runs out on my Muvi K-Series whilst I am recording will I lose my recordings or will it automatically save?
A. The Muvi K-Series automatically saves a file every 30 minutes and if the battery runs out whilst recording, the Muvi Pro will also automatically save the film before switching off.

Q. What is the best way to take care of my K-Series waterproof case?
A. Please ensure that you keep the rubber seal that lines the waterproof case clean. Small particles such as a hair or grain of sand can break the waterproof seal and cause a leak and damage your K-Series camcorder. If you use the waterproof case in salt water rinse it with fresh water after each use. Failure to do this will cause a build-up of salt and compromise the waterproof seal. Never dry the waterproof case with a cloth as lint may compromise the waterproof seal, either shake dry or leave to air dry. Veho cannot be held liable for consequential, incidental and contingent damages to personal property due to misuse or improper installation, or improper care and maintenance of the K-Series waterproof case. Veho will not, under any circumstance, cover the replacement or cost of repair of any electronic device or personal property inside or outside of the case.

Q. When I download my videos onto my phone using the app the quality is poor, why is this?
A. Please ensure that the download quality setting in the app is set to Original Files to maintain the high level of quality. The Quick Download setting will lower the quality of the video in order to download to your phone quicker. To change the download settings in the app enter Playback and select the settings icon in the top right hand corner of the app.

Q. When I try to change the resolution and frame rate on my K-Series camcorder I don’t have all of the frame rate options listed in the specifications. What am I doing wrong?
A. The available frame rates change depending on the TV standard (PAL or NTSC) that you have selected in the settings. To make the other frame rates available change the TV standard in the general settings menu. Please see the full manual for further information.

Q. My microSD card isn’t recognised by the camera, the message “NO SD” appears on the screen.
A. The Muvi K-Series will take a few seconds to register the microSD card when the camera turns on. If the message does not disappear after a few seconds please try the following: 1. Format the microSD card in a computer, then reinsert the card into the Muvi. 2. Try using a different microSD card with the Muvi. 3. Factory reset the Muvi using the option in the menu. 4. Update the firmware on your Muvi using instructions and download at

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