Support – Secure Evidence M9.2 GPS Camera


Software & Manuals

Secure Evidence Camera Driver
(Digitally Signed)
[Windows 7]
[Window 8]
[Windows 10]
Secure Evidence M9.2 GPS Installation Guide
(For connection to Docking Station)
[Windows 8]
[Windows 10]
Secure Evidence M9.2 GPS Camera Operational Manual
(Additional Information)
[Camera Operation Manual]
Secure Evidence M9.2 GPS Camera – GPS Software (DATAKAM Player) []
Secure Evidence M9.2 GPS Camera – GPS Function [GPS Function]
Secure Evidence M9.2 GPS Camera – Use With Mac OS
(For direct connection to camera’s USB port)
[Use with Mac OS]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When I record video at a very high resolution setting, why am I unable to view or playback the video with Windows Media Player?
A. Windows Media Player currently does not support certain types of high resolution video. If you encounter this issue, we recommend using a different video player such as Apple Quicktime.

Q. Why do I get an error during the process of installing the driver to use the docking station?
A. If you are using Windows 8 or 10, you may experience issues when attempting to install the driver from the packaged mini CD. This is due to security enhancements within Windows 8 and 10 which require drivers to be digitally signed. We now have a digitally signed driver which is available for download from the above table.

Q. The GPS function doesn’t seem to be working, I have it switched on but no co-ordinates are displayed on the video.
A. The camera’s GPS function utilises the global navigation satellite system that provides geo-location and time information to its GPS receiver in all weather conditions anywhere on Earth where the receiver has an unobstructed line of sight to at least four GPS satellites. Therefore, if the camera is being used indoors, the signal may be lost whilst it is being obstructed by the building’s structure. We recommend using the camera outdoors to utilise the GPS function.